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What are the charging methods for AGV cars?

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What are the charging methods for AGV cars?

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At present, there are several ways to charge AGV:

1. Classification by operation mode: manual, automatic, battery change

Manual: Manually plug and unplug the AGV car;

Automatic: When the AGV trolley has insufficient power, it will automatically find the charging system according to the ground command system, and then automatically connect to the charger's connector for charging;

Battery replacement: The operation of AGV trolleys can be satisfied by preparing more AGV batteries.

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2. Classified by connection method: wireless charging and wired charging (also called contact charging)

Wireless charging: The AGV battery is charged through wireless technology without corresponding mechanical contact points, and the safety is higher;

Wired charging: charging is carried out by contacting the AGV battery with the charging plug of the charger.



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