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Which brand of custom lithium battery is better?

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Which brand of custom lithium battery is better?

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Jinchi Technology is a professional manufacturer of customized lithium batteries. Its subsidiary "- Jinchi World-" has won praise from many customers for its stable product quality and mature service system. We are willing to build a trusted and well-known brand for our customers!

If you need to customize the lithium battery, you need to know the following information about the battery:

1. Working voltage

2. Continuous working and instantaneous discharge current

3. Working hours

4. The space of the battery compartment

5. Battery use environment

6. What are the requirements for the battery shell

7. Is there a requirement for charging time?

8. IP rating requirements

9. Other special requirements

We are willing to provide more satisfactory products according to your requirements!

Which brand of custom lithium battery is better?

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