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agv battery

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agv battery

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  • Brand:Jin Chi World
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  • Date of release:2021/05/28
  • Specifications:24V 125AH
  • Type:Custom lithium battery
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---Jing Chi World---Mature lithium battery customization Plan:

1. Stable communication protocol scheme.

     including RS485, RS232, CAN, TTL232 Etc.;

2, precharge function of lithium battery load;

3. Personalized battery sleep and activation function;

4,LCD display of battery-related data;

5, a small power switch button that can control the output;

6. The charger and the lithium battery communicate with each other;

7. Voltage detection and protection function of battery load;

8. Measures to shield strong load signal interference;

9. Automatic maintenance function when the battery is full;

10, lithium battery charging status display program

11. Battery charging status and fault alarm function;

12. Lithium battery constant voltage output program;

13. Fingerprint control switch.

agv battery

product brandStrong Chi Worldproduct nameagv lithium iron battery
Product model24V 125AHBattery usedlithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V-25AH
battery capacity125AHcombination method8S5P
rated voltage25.6VCharging current(28.8V)20A
Working voltage20V-29.2Vdischarge currentPersistent: 90A  Moment: 180A
Storage voltage24.8V-25.6VCycle life1500 times (70% capacity remaining)
Dimensions170*270*465mmWorking temperatureCharge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃
Finished product weightabout 27kgStorage temperature-20~35℃
Battery caseStainless steel with handleWarranty periodone year
Outlet plugCharging head: Anderson (175A) ;   Discharging head: Anderson (50A) ;&Nbsp;  RS-485 communication interface: aviation plug.
related featuresRS-485 communication, low voltage alarm, power display, and short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, over Protection functions such as flow.
Product advantagesBMS management system is stable, with RS-485 protocol, small power source control battery output, instead of air switch .
application areaAGV car, logistics car, rail car, etc.

agv battery

modelCapacity  batteryDimensions (mm)weightshell
Types ofthickwidthlong(±1kg)
24V10Ah10AhTernary lithium battery701101461.5kgnot included
24V20Ah20AhTernary lithium battery1381101463kgnot included
24V30Ah30AhTernary lithium battery701462744.3kgnot included
24V40Ah40AhTernary lithium battery1381711676kgnot included
24V50Ah50Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15837223616kgStainless steel
24V60Ah60Ahlithium iron phosphate battery24735619719kgStainless steel
24V70Ah70Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15850023622kgStainless steel
24V85Ah85Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15850023624kgStainless steel
24V92Ah92Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23334823623kgStainless steel
24V100Ah100Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19838822226kgStainless steel
24V120Ah120Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19650023630kgStainless steel
24V140Ah140Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19848422233kgStainless steel
24V150Ah150Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15850023642kgStainless steel
24V175Ah175Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23154823640kgStainless steel
24V200Ah200Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19669223648kgStainless steel
24V240Ah240Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23069223652kgStainless steel
24V400Ah400Ahlithium iron phosphate battery27354844693kgStainless steel
24V480Ah480Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23069223696kgStainless steel
1. A large capacity lithium battery pack with a maximum capacity of 500 degrees can be customized;< br/>2. Discharge current: 10A-400A, other current values can also be customized;
3. The handle below 10kg is directly above. The handles above 10kg are in the width direction;
4, RS485 or RS232 or CAN communication protocol can be carried, depending on the actual situation;               
5. The above are only part of the models. If you have other sizes and requirements, you can consult and ask for related solutions.

Welcome to consult and customize: 137 5116 8729

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