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Quick charge drone battery

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Quick charge drone battery

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  • Brand:Jin Chi World
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  • Date of release:2021/05/28
  • Specifications:22.8V 25C 16000mAH 3C
  • Type:Quick charge drone battery
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-- -Jing Chi Tianxia---4.35V high voltage version of 3C fast charge drone battery, its advantages are:

1. Longer battery life. It is 15%-25% higher than 4.2V lithium battery.

2, charge faster. Full of ten minutes.  

3, save costs. Due to the fast charging, a certain number of batteries can be reduced accordingly.

Quick charge drone battery

product brandStrong Chi Worldproduct nameDrone battery
Product model22.8V 20C16000mAh 3CBattery usedHigh voltage fast charge lithium battery 16000mah
battery capacity16AHcombination method6S1P
rated voltage22.8V Charging current(26.1V)48A
Working voltage21.6V-26.1Vcell discharge rateContinuous: 20C
Storage voltage24.8V-25.6VCycle life200 times (70% capacity remaining)
Dimensions68*77*195mmWorking temperatureCharge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃
Finished product weightabout 2.0kgStorage temperature-20~35℃
Battery casenot includedWarranty periodone year
Outlet plugCharging head: balanced charging plug;   discharging head: AS150 or anti-sparking XT90 plug  
related featuresNo related circuit protection
battery appearanceThere are no obvious scratches, cracks, cracks, stains, leakage, or deformation on the battery surface.
application areaplant protection drones, aerial survey drones, surveying drones, etc.

Quick charge drone battery

         High-voltage drone battery specification sheet
Type    numberCapacity  DischargeRatedDimensionsweight
MagnificationVoltageThickness (±3mm)Width (±1mm)Long (±5mm) (±15g)
22.8V 25C 10000mAh1000025C22.8V52701851350g
22.8V 25C 12000mAh1200025C22.8V60701821540g
22.8V 25C 12000mAh1200025C22.8V46911921540g
22.8V 25C 14000mAh1400025C22.8V53911921710g
22.8V 25C 16000mAh1600025C22.8V83701892000g
22.8V 25C 16000mAh1600025C22.8V52912052000g
22.8V 25C 22000mAh2200025C22.8V68912152630g
45.6V 25C 12000mAh1200025C45.6V92911923100g
45.6V 25C 14000mAh1400025C45.6V106911923430g
45.6V 25C 16000mAh1600025C45.6V108912054000g
45.6V 25C 22000mAh2200025C45.6V132912155200g
45.6V 25C 32000mAh3200025C45.6V1081832054000g
45.6V 25C 44000mAh4400025C45.6V13218321510400g
Note: Compared with the normal voltage battery (22.2V or 44.4V), the high voltage battery can increase the battery life by 15-25%, and the power is stronger.

High-voltage version of low-rate drone battery specification table

type    numberCapacity   discharge    magnificationrated   voltageDimensionsweight
thick (±3mm)wide(±1mm)Long(±5mm) (±15g)
6S 8C 10000mAh 100008C22.8V48701821200g
6S 8C 12000mAh 120008C22.8V54701821420g
6S 8C 12000mAh 120008C22.8V41911921420g
6S 8C 14000mAh 140008C22.8V43911921650
6S 8C 16000mAh 160008C22.8V72701891875g
6S 8C 16000mAh 160008C22.8V49911891875g
6S 8C 21000mAh 210005C22.8V64911992370g
6S 8C 22000mAh 220005C22.8V68952102480g
12S 8C 12000mAh 120008C45.6V92911922840g
12S 8C 14000mAh 140008C45.6V86911923300g
12S 8C 16000mAh 160008C45.6V98911993750g
12S 5C 22000mAh 220005C45.6V123952105400g
12S 8C 32000mAh320008C45.6V981821957800g
Note: With the same capacity, a high-voltage battery can increase the flight time by 15-25%, and the weight will not increase.

Atmospheric UAV Battery Specification Sheet
Type    numberCapacity   DischargeratedDimensionsWeight
MagnificationVoltageThickness (±3mm)Width (±1mm)Long (±5mm) (±15g)
22.2V 15C 10000mAh1000015C22.2V51701801320g
22.2V 25C 10000mAh1000025C22.2V55701801350g
22.2V 25C 12000mAh1200025C22.2V59781751545g
22.2V 25C 16000mAh1600025C22.2V83701892000g
22.2V 25C 16000mAh1600025C22.2V68751952000g
22.2V 25C 16000mAh1600025C22.2V68861902000g
22.2V 25C 22000mAh2200025C22.2V68912052630g
44.4V 25C 10000mAh1000025C44.4V112701852700g
44.4V 25C 12000mAh1200025C44.4V110912003100g
44.4V 25C 16000mAh1600025C44.4V138751954000g
44.4V 25C 16000mAh1600025C44.4V138861904000g
44.4V 25C 22000mAh2200025C44.4V138912105100g
44.4V 25C 32000mAh1600025C44.4V1381741907800g
44.4V 25C 44000mAh2200025C44.4V13418420510000g

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