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dongguanSurfboard fast charging lithium battery

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dongguanSurfboard fast charging lithium battery

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  • Brand:Jin Chi World
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  • Date of release:2021/05/28
  • Specifications:36V 50AH
  • Type:Fast charge lithium battery
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---Jing Chi World---Mature lithium battery customization Plan:

1. Stable communication protocol scheme.

     including RS485, RS232, CAN, TTL232 Etc.;

2, precharge function of lithium battery load;

3. Personalized battery sleep and activation function;

4,LCD display for battery-related data;

5, a small power switch button that can control the output;

6. The charger and the lithium battery communicate with each other;

7. Voltage detection and protection function of battery load;

8. Measures to shield strong load signal interference;

9. Automatic maintenance function when the battery is full;

10, lithium battery charging status display program

11. Battery charging status and fault alarm function;

12. Lithium battery constant voltage output program;

12. Fingerprint control switch.

       Currently, surfboard lithium batteries on the market are combined with ordinary lithium batteries, which are only suitable for no more than 0.5C Charge, otherwise the quality of the battery will be seriously affected. Therefore, the charging time generally takes 2-4 hours.

    Our company specializes in productionQuick charge lithium battery, the highest Up to 3C fast charging, the fastest charging time is 15min. In this way, the user experience can be better satisfied.


product brandStrong Chi Worldproduct name36V lithium battery
Product model36V 21AHBattery usedlithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V-25AH
battery capacity50AHcombination method12S2P
rated voltage38.4V Charging current(43.2V) 100A
Working voltage30V-43.2Vdischarge currentPersistent: 80A  Instant: 100A
Storage voltage36V-38.4VCycle life1500 times (70% capacity remaining)
Dimensions150*250*300mmWorking temperatureCharge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃
Finished product weightabout 13kgStorage temperature-20~35℃
Battery casePlastic shell, hand strapWarranty periodone year
Charging time30min< /span>
related featuresIt has protection functions such as short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent.
battery appearanceThere are no obvious scratches, cracks, cracks, stains, leakage, or deformation on the battery surface.
application areaRobots, energy storage, lighting, etc.

Surfboard fast charging lithium battery

modelCapacity  batteryDimensionsweightshell
Types ofthickwidthlong(±1kg)
36V10Ah10AhTernary lithium battery701072072.2kgnot included
36V20Ah20AhTernary lithium battery1381072074.4kgnot included
36V30Ah30AhTernary lithium battery1401282486.5kgnot included
36V40Ah40AhTernary lithium battery13224535613kgnot included
36V50Ah50AhTernary lithium battery13224535614Stainless steel
36V60Ah60AhTernary lithium battery13825535615Stainless steel
36V70Ah70AhTernary lithium battery13235035616Stainless steel
36V92Ah92AhTernary lithium battery12532540619Stainless steel
36V100Ah100AhTernary lithium battery16633540625.5Stainless steel
Note: The above are only some models. If you have different sizes or other requirements, please consult and ask for relevant information!

Welcome to consult and customize: 137 5116 8729

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