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How to choose a plant protection battery?

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How to choose a plant protection battery?

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How to choose a plant protection battery?


At present, there are many types of plant protection batteries on the market, and their quality is also different. For many farmers, how to choose the right plant protection drone battery after purchasing an aircraft is still a very important matter. In order to make some farmers who are just entering the industry less unjustified, Jinchi Technology summarizes the following points for your reference:

“劲驰天下”的高压植保机电池22.8V 16000mah.jpg 

The picture shows the high-voltage plant protection battery 22.8V 16000mah of "Jing Chi Tianxia"

1. Sample test

Before buying a certain number of batteries, buy a set of battery samples for actual testing. In a certain period of time, if the battery is not satisfied with the test, it should be returned upon request, so as not to cause its own loss.

2. The price of the battery should not be pursued too much, but the quality of the battery should be considered;

First of all, as a novice, drone flight technology needs to be improved. The so-called cheap goods are not good, and there is a certain reason. After all, good things need good materials and cost. Therefore, the quality of the battery should be the primary consideration.

Secondly, from an economic point of view, farmers buy batteries for their own use to make money by spraying pesticides. The quality of the battery does not affect one's own operating efficiency. After all, pesticide spraying is very time-effective and can not be delayed. Otherwise, the loss is not the money for a few batteries.


The picture shows the high-voltage plant protection battery 22.8V 22000mah of "Jing Chi Tianxia"

3. Understand the manufacturer's battery performance and its after-sales details;

After all, the battery is the biggest consumable of the drone, and it should not affect one's own interests because of the quality of the battery. Therefore, we must ensure that the manufacturer has after-sale protection.

4. Try to choose batteries made of pure lithium cobalt oxide materials;

In order to price competition, there are many manufacturers of drone batteries on the market that are mixed with ternary materials. The lithium battery of ternary material has low cost, but its cycle life is poor, so some sorties are used, and its flight time is significantly reduced. This greatly affects work efficiency. The high-voltage UAV battery is made of 100% lithium cobalt oxide material, because ternary materials cannot make high-voltage batteries. At present, the high-voltage battery has the longest flight time, and the drone battery has the longest cycle life. From the perspective of flight effects, the flight time of the high-voltage plant protection aircraft battery is more than 20% of that of the ordinary pure lithium cobalt oxide battery, and the cycle life is also the same.


Note: The fully charged voltage of a single unit is 4.35V, which is a high-voltage drone battery.

       The fully charged voltage of a single unit is 4.20V, which is an ordinary drone battery.

Hope the above can be helpful to everyone!

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