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Which plant protection drone battery manufacturer is better?

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Which plant protection drone battery manufacturer is better?

Date of release:2019-04-08 Author:Jinchi Technology Click:

At present, there are many plant protection drone battery manufacturers, and the performance of the battery is even different. Which plant protection drone battery manufacturer is better? We can answer this question from the following aspects.


1. In terms of battery life, the battery life of high-voltage plant protection drones is longer;

Take the pesticide spraying of a 10 kg pesticide drone as an example:

Ordinary battery 2 22.2V 16000mah sprayed 2 times, the power is almost the same. The total time is about 14 minutes, and some are less than this time.

The high-voltage battery 2 22.8V 14000mah can also be sprayed 2 sorties, while the high-voltage version of 16000mah battery is close to 3 sorties.

2. From the perspective of cycle life, the high-voltage drone battery is longer;

According to the test data, under the same test:

The ordinary battery is 16000mah, charged and discharged 150 times, and the capacity remains 80%.

The high-voltage battery is 16000mah, with more than 180 charging and discharging times, and the remaining capacity is 80%.


3. From the perspective of product stability: At present, there are only a handful of manufacturers of high-voltage plant protection drone batteries. Jinchi Technology promoted the high-voltage plant protection battery to the market in 2014, and exported it for a long time. In 2015, it began to produce high-voltage drone batteries for drones with a load of 150KG.

Shenzhen Jinchi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of lithium batteries for drones. The company's advantageous products are: high-voltage plant protection drone batteries. Compared with ordinary batteries, the battery life is increased by about 25%. We will also continue to use ultra-high-voltage UAV batteries and high-current rechargeable high-voltage UAV batteries.

"-Jingchi World-" High-voltage UAV battery may be the UAV battery manufacturer you are looking for.


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