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What is a drone battery?

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What is a drone battery?

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What is a drone battery?

With the development of drones in recent years. More and more people start to regard drone manipulation as a hobby, and drone batteries, as a source of power for drones, do many people really know about it? So today we will talk about those things about drone batteries. UAVs range from the aforementioned light to models equipped with cameras, but in most cases, UAVs use lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Lithium batteries are the most suitable battery for UAVs. However, there are several types of lithium batteries. Let's talk about the types and characteristics of lithium batteries that can be used on drones.

About lithium-ion drone batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are organic electrolyte solutions that have unstable components due to high volatility and flammability. In recent years, fire and explosion accidents caused by liquid leakage and defective control circuits have become major problems. However, although this kind of lithium ion battery has problems and hidden dangers, it has the advantages of high yield and low price.

About lithium polymer drone battery

On the other hand, there is a battery called a lithium polymer battery, which is also considered a lithium ion battery. However, the electrolyte of this battery is not liquefied from a solution, but has been gelled and solidified, thus reducing the risk of fire and explosion. In addition, many lithium polymer batteries can be found in batteries installed on drones. However, it is expensive. If you use the wrong charging method, it will cause the accumulation of gas to explode. There is still a risk and it needs to be handled with great care.

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