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Custom agv lithium battery

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Custom agv lithium battery

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  • Brand:Jin Chi World
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  • Date of release:2021/05/28
  • Specifications:48V 250AH
  • Type:Lithium iron battery
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Jingchi Tianxia AGV battery advantage:

1. Stable communication protocol scheme. Including RS485, RS232, CAN, TTL232, etc.;

2, the relevant power scheme can be customized.

       If with pre-charge function, Battery data LCD display, small power switch button that can control output, communication between charger and lithium battery, shielding measures for strong signal interference of load, lithium Battery charging status alarm and fault alarm and other functions;

3. The quality is more stable. Adopt mature BMS management system and mature assembly technology;

4. The product is safer and has a longer cycle life. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries;

5. Lighter weight. It uses soft-pack batteries instead of commonly used aluminum-shell batteries;

6. Customization of high-quality sheet metal shell.

Custom agv lithium battery

product brandJing Chi Worldproduct nameagv lithium battery
Product model48V 250AHBattery usedLithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V-125AH
battery capacity250AHCombination method16S2P
rated voltage51.2V Charging current(58.4V)50A
Working voltage40V-58.4Vdischarge currentContinuous: 120A  Moment: 200A
Storage voltage49.6V-51.2VCycle life1500 times (70% capacity remaining)
Dimensions320*580*950mmWorking temperatureCharge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃
Finished product weightabout 140kgStorage temperature-20~35℃
Battery caseStainless steel with handleWarranty periodone year
Outlet plugCharging head: Anderson (50A) ;   Discharging head: Anderson (175A)  
related featuresLow voltage alarm, battery display, and protection functions such as short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent.
battery appearanceThere are no obvious scratches, cracks, cracks, stains, leakage, or deformation on the battery surface.
application areaAGV car, logistics car, rail car, etc.

Custom agv lithium battery

modelCapacity  batteryDimensions (mm)weightshell
Types ofthickwidthlong(±0.1kg)
48V10Ah10AhTernary lithium battery701102692.8kgnot included
48V20Ah20AhTernary lithium battery1381102695.5kgnot included
48V30Ah30AhTernary lithium battery18239717011.5kgnot included
48V40Ah40Ahlithium iron phosphate battery20054828kgStainless steel
48V50Ah50Ahlithium iron phosphate battery29846817631kgStainless steel
48V60Ah60Ahlithium iron phosphate battery24761219535kgStainless steel
48V70Ah70Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15890023443kgStainless steel
48V85Ah85Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15890023444kgStainless steel
48V92Ah92Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23359623445kgStainless steel
48V100Ah100Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19867626048kgStainless steel
48V120Ah120Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19690023458kgStainless steel
48V140Ah140Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19886826064kgStainless steel
48V150Ah150Ahlithium iron phosphate battery15850040883kgStainless steel
48V175Ah175Ahlithium iron phosphate battery23199623477kgStainless steel
48V200Ah200Ahlithium iron phosphate battery19639675695kgStainless steel
48V240Ah240Ahlithium iron phosphate battery230396756100kgStainless steel
1. A large capacity lithium battery pack with a maximum capacity of 500 degrees can be customized;< br/>2. Discharge current: 10A-400A, other current values can also be customized;
3. The handle below 10kg is directly above. The handles above 10kg are in the width direction;
4, RS485 or RS232 or CAN communication protocol can be carried, depending on the actual situation;               
5. The above are only part of the models. If you have other sizes and requirements, you can consult and ask for related solutions.

Welcome to consult and customize: 137 5116 8729

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